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Twe have implemented a consistent mandatory rice inspection & detailed laboratory analysis form part of the routine control.

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Paddy Section

The quest for best processing begins with the quality selection of seeds. Every year our farmers have provided with the best seeds and we make this step free of cost. Moreover, throughout the years, there is an essential network between the harvesting to seeding stage. Our experts visit them and check the use of fertilizers, control of the pest and the crop care techniques to ensure the product’s quality.


It is the moisture absorbing process that is done with complete precision, and after that, there will be a gradual cracking to reduce the moisture content and to maintain the dryness. After that, the grain is made by dehydrating and DE husking it.


It is an essential part of our organic products. This step involves several cleaning steps to ensure the hygiene of our product without any foreign materials like mud balls, straws, and threads.

Whitening & Polishing

It is the process that is done with complete care as if it is not done prudently; then it will lead to the breakage of rice or the size of the grain. For this reason, it is done with complete care. Usually, it is done with water. It is the reason that this process will lead to the lengthening process that is removing all the distorted grains from the fined and polished.

Shipment and Packaging

Finally, this is the most pivotal part of our services. We have installed the quality machinery that is best in packaging materials that are used to meet all the customers’ demands and catch their eyes. This process majorly includes the Cardboard, Polypropylene, Polyethene, Jute, Cotton, and Paper sack.



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